Filmmakers Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the delivery requirements?

Feature films, documentaries and TV series/shows.

Movie or TV show: 1920x1080 H264 MP4 High Quality Stereo OR QuickTime Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) Stereo | for SD: 720x480 H264 MP4 for or MOV. No bars or slate, movie or episodes only.

Trailer: 1920x1080 H264 MP4 High Quality or QuickTime Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) Stereo | for SD: 720x480 H264 MP4 or MOV. No advertising, no coming soon notice and no website links, trailer only.

Keyart and closed captions files.

  • Do you accept short films?

For short films visit our FlixHouse Shorts website and upload your film there @

  • Which platforms will my title be offered on?

On all FlixHouse channels, Apps and 3rd party platforms owned or controlled by FlixHouse under the brand name FlixHouse. FlixHouse's supported devices are Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and mobile devices, Apple TV and iOS devices and on the Web.

  • Does it cost anything to submit my title to FlixHouse?

No. Its free To Use and there are no setup or recurring fees to submit your content.

  • Do you accept titles from outside the USA?

Yes, we accept titles from around the world.

  • If I submit my title to FlixHouse can I also submit it to another service?

Yes you can. FlixHouse doesn’t require exclusivity.

  • When will my title go live?

After you have uploaded your delivery materials, your title will undergo a quality control check, if all the elements pass inspections, you title will go live in 24 hours. If issues are found, we will contact you to so you may fix these issues and resend to us, this will delay the title's launch time.

  • Is there a minimum title running time?

Feature films must at minimum be 60 minutes in length, for documentaries there is no length limit and is evaluated on a one by one basis, TV shows episodes must at minimum be 20 minutes in length.

  • What media rights do you require?

We require None Exclusive internet and wireless VOD (Video On Demand) rights compromising of On-demand Rental (VOD rental), Electronic Sell-Through (EST), Transactional VOD (TVOD), advertising VOD (AVOD) and Subscription VOD (SVOD).

  • Will my title be available to a worldwide audience or only select territories?

Your title will be available worldwide, after your title is published you are able geo-block any territory you wish from your title's page.

  • How long of a term do you require?

Commencing on the first day the Title is uploaded via and continuing until it is removed by either party, both Licensor and Licensee may remove the Title at anytime by giving a twenty four (24) hour notice to the other party. This will allow FlixHouse to remove all marketing materials and links from social media sites related to the Title.

  • How do I remove my title?

You may remove the Title at anytime by giving a twenty four (24) hour notice to FlixHouse.

  • What language must my title be in?

We accept all languages provided you submit English subtitles to any non English language title.

  • Am I required to submit separate closed captions file for my title?

Yes it’s required. We will not be able to publish your title without closed captions.

  • What closed captions file format accepted?

We accept .VTT and .SRT file formats.

  • Am I required to submit actual key art for my title?

Yes it’s required. Uploading a picture to act as keyart is not acceptable, we need good quality Posters.

  • What format and sizes do you require for artwork?

In .jpg or PSD format. Movie Poster1200x1800 | Splash Image (landscape) 1920x1080

  • Will I be notified when my title goes live?

Yes. We you will notified by email.

  • How much will I be paid?

FlixHouse will pay you according to the following rate on a per Title basis, based on Hours Viewed by customers.

Revenue Rates Per Hour Viewed: $0.02 U.S.

"Hours Viewed" means the number of hours of a Title that is viewed by a viewer; provided that Hours Viewed will not include (and FlixHouse will not pay for) (i) more than three (3) streams of the same Title by the same account or from the same IP address and location in a given month or (ii) streams that FlixHouse determines, in its sole discretion, are not actual customer views (e.g., imitating legitimate views or click fraud) or are otherwise not authorized to access the Service.

Hours will start accruing when the Title is streamed for the first time and will continue until the Title is removed from the service.

  • When will I receive royalty payment?

FlixHouse will render accounting reports and payments within thirty (30) days following each calendar quarter.

We require all filmmakers to provide valid taxpayer identification information in order to comply with U.S. tax reporting regulations governed by the U.S. tax authority (Internal Revenue Service "IRS") before we issue any payments.

After you submit your content you may get in touch with us to go over your title and answer any questions you might still have.