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What makes FlixHouse® different?

Independent filmmakers deserve open access to a platform that champions their content. At FlixHouse®, we empower artists to share their stories with passionate audiences who share their vision. 

FlixHouse® Submission Guidelines

FlixHouse LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access with or without notice to all or part of the FlixHouse® Platform if you violate these Terms or any rules or guidelines posted in connection with the FlixHouse® Platform. FURTHER, YOU AGREE THAT FLIXHOUSE LLC SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR REMOVING YOUR (OR ANY OTHER PERSON'S) USER SUBMISSIONS, FEEDBACK OR SUSPENDING OR TERMINATING YOUR (OR ANY OTHER PERSON'S) ACCESS TO FLIXHOUSE® (OR ANY PORTION THEREOF).

Originality & Copyright

Showcase your creativity! Upload only original films you've personally created. Remember to respect copyright by using music, clips, or videos with proper permissions from the rights holders.

Content that adheres to our copyright guidelines and is suitable for the intended audience may include feature films, documentaries and television series. Feature films must have a minimum runtime of 50 minutes. TV series/shows must have a minimum runtime of 24 minutes per episode.

Content Restrictions

Sexually explicit material is strictly prohibited. This includes pornography and any content depicting sexual acts.
Nudity may require age restrictions. The severity of the content will determine if an  MA rating is applied. A Viewer Discretion Notice will alert viewers before playback.

We strictly prohibit content that promotes or condones violence and hatred against individuals or groups based on characteristics like race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Gratuitous violence and overly gory content are not permitted. If your documentary includes graphic content for factual purposes, a clear warning must be displayed before playback, advising viewers that the material may be disturbing. Depending on the severity, your film may be age-restricted or removed. We may also apply an MA rating with a Viewer Discretion Notice before playback.

Please read our Terms of Service before accessing the service.

FlixHouse's Digital Video Agreement